More Copies Of Local Bestseller Here Sunday

At its annual meeting this Sunday, Kailua Historical Society will stage a “mini relaunch” of its award-winning book Kailua.

This is the third printing of the popular, hardback history of the area, and the recent arrival of an additional 3,000 copies from Hong Kong printers will be celebrated — and on sale — from 3 to 5 p.m. on the lawn at Faith Baptist Church. The society also will install officers for 2014-2015, with state Rep. Cynthia Thielen on hand to swear them in.

The program, which is open to the public, will feature two examples of the town’s “historic, enterprising spirit” that endures to this day: Koolau Farmers and the late Mabel Mashita, a local farmer and legendary kitchen manager for Seagull Schools.

“Both were briefly described in Kailua,” said Paul Brennan, KHS president and major contributor to the book. “But now they will be extolled as Kailua strives to keep its ‘country’ spirit, alongside the modern developments occurring in our rapidly changing town.”

First published in 2009 by KHS, the 300-page volume already has sold 5,000 copies in its first two printings. The new shipment should satisfy remaining back orders, with surplus copies to share with the community. Price is $40, with a $6 discount for KHS members who buy it at the meeting. The book also is available at Under a Hula Moon, Global Village, General Store and Kalapawai Market.

The new board of directors is comprised of veteran members Brennan, Carol Brede, Chuck Burrows, Jan Wakamatsu, Stan Kanetake and Irish Ritchie; new directors are Cosette Harms, Sarah Gilman Sur and Wendy Roberts.

Kailua Baptist Church is located at 1080 Kailua Road, near Ulupo heiau. For more information, call Brennan at 262-7316.