Kahuku Hospital Making Strides In Community Health Care

Kahuku Medical Center recently reported progress in patient satisfaction, financial stability and a breakthrough in how it generates and stores oxygen.

Since becoming a nonprofit affiliate of Hawaii Health Systems Corp. in 2008, the hospital has made a noticeable difference in the community, according to HHSC board chairman Avery Chumbley.

“The access patients have to personalized care is significant,” Chumbley said, “and we are proud to see the positive impact KMC has had.”

A recent survey showed patient satisfaction has increased from 88 percent up to 96 percent, and a survey of emergency room service reflects similar numbers.

KMC also was the first Hawaii medical facility to install a system that generates its own oxygen. Designed by On Site Gas Systems, it uses a molecule sieve that separates oxygen for the air and concentrates it for storage in tanks.

“Currently, we save approximately $5,000 per month,” said KMC administrator Stephany Nihipali Vaioleti, “and after the five-year, lease-to-own agreement is over, we will own the system.

“We will not have a need to purchase oxygen again, and most importantly, in times of emergency, we do not have to rely on someone to bring it out here.”

HHSC is a public benefit corporation that was created to provide affordable, accessible, quality hometown healthcare at 12 facilities across the state.