July Bargain On Pet Microchips

During Microchip Madness Month in July, Windward pet owners can have their pet microchipped for only $10 at a dozen veterinary clinics on Oahu, including three in Kailua.

The annual partnership between the clinics and the Hawaiian Humane Society (HHS) aims to reduce the number of lost pets in the community. About 3,500 dogs and cats had microchip IDs inserted last year through the program. The tiny chip – the size of a grain of rice – is injected under the skin between the animal’s shoulder blades, providing a individual code that can be read with a scanner. HHS provides the microchips, and the veterinarians waive the cost of a doctor’s visit.

Pet owners can make an appointment at the following clinics, or visit hawaiian-humane.org for the complete list:

Feather and Fur Animal Clinic in Aikahi Park Shopping Center, 254-1548; Kailua Animal Clinic on Hekili Street, 263-8863; and Makai Animal Clinic Inc. on Uluniu Street, 262-9621.

For further details, call HHS at 946-2187.