July 4 Fireworks Has $50,000 More To Go

The latest report on the Kailua Fireworks fund is that it still has a huge chunk of money left to raise before fireworks can explode July 4 at the beach park.

“We are desperately looking to Kailua businesses and individuals for financial contributions,” said Kailua Fireworks committee member Jana Holden recently. “We’ve raised $10,000 so far and need at least another $50,000 by the end of June or the fireworks fizzles again after years and years of tradition.”

The committee also sells special T-shirts for $20, and has placed donation boxes with 16 local merchants: Agnes’ Portuguese Bake Shop, Bank of Hawaii, Bob’s Pizzeria, Boston’s Pizza, Cactus, Fat Boy’s, Kalapawai Market, Kalapawai Cafe and Deli, Lanikai General Store, Lanikai Home and Design, Morning Brew, Pali Bottle Shoppe, Hamakua Safeway, Times Supermarket, Hardware Hawaii and Uahi Grill.

Online donations are welcome as well as checks made out and mailed to Kailua Fireworks, 600 Kailua Road #119, Kailua HI 96734. Visit kailuafireworks.com or call 679-7121 for details.

Three major Independence Day venues announced last week the cancellation of their fireworks displays, and Kaneohe Marine base also cancelled BayFest, citing sequestration and other budget restrictions. Navy officials cancelled the Pearl Harbor fireworks, as did Maunalua Bay Foundation for Hawaii Kai.