It’s All Happening At The Fair

The author performing with the circus at the 50th State Fair last year | Photo from Tannya Joaquin

Note to self: This is it. The last chance to enjoy the rides, racing pigs and deep-fried goodness that is the 50th State Fair. It has been a summer tradition for local families since it was actually dubbed the 49th State Fair in 1947. Obviously, that didn’t stick, since Alaska beat Hawaii to statehood.

Now we have to beat the clock. The fair closes after another successful run at Aloha Stadium this weekend. For real. I put in that disclaimer because I have a confession. I have told my son that it was closed.

It’s my old standby. Toy store? “Oh, I’m sorry sweet-ie, it’s closed.” The fair? Sorry, closed. Apparently, I use this technique a lot. I realized that when we were on a long trip and my son missed our dog, Pronto. As he asked about Pronto, I started to respond, “Sorry sweetie” and he interjected, “Pronto’s closed?”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of the 50th State Fair. I even joined the circus for a Sunrise segment last year. (Another note to self: Don’t quit my day job!) I don’t say the fair is closed because I don’t want to go.

It’s the opposite. I want to plot and plan the best outing possible. Guess I’m like Goldilocks, in this case. It has to be just right. Not too busy, so the first weekend’s out.

No severe weather, too hot, wet or voggy – forget about it. More weekends gone. Husband out of town for work? Can’t do it. It’s a rookie mistake to go to the fair alone with both kids, one raring to go, the other too small to do it all. Executing the perfect family day at the fair is akin to planning a wedding. I’m only halfway kidding.

Seems I’m not the only one racing the clock. Donna Smith of E.K. Fernandez Shows explains there’s always a bump for the fair’s last weekend because families realize, “It’s their last chance. If they don’t go, they’ll miss out on all the happenings.”

Anticipating a boost in business for the final weekend, Smith has stacked the entertainment lineup. Duncan Kamakana from NBC’s The Voice and that catchy local Burger King commercial will take the stage Saturday night at 8. Popular hypnotist Dr. Scott Lewis will perform Friday and Saturday at 9:30 p.m., and Sunday at 9 p.m.

I’m looking forward to getting to the fair … finally. Plus, my son is on to me. Last weekend, I dragged my kids out to Waikele Outlets. It didn’t even occur to me on the drive back into town that we were passing right by Aloha Stadium – not until my observant son noticed the Ferris wheel in motion and announced to me: “Hey, the fair is open!”

Case closed.