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Who knew that jumping could be so much fun?

Indoor trampoline parks, which have been growing in popularity across the country, provide wall-to-wall trampolines for endless bouncing, and for the experienced, flying high flips, twists and tricks.


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Court monitor Fred Baclig lands into the foam pit

Even some of Hollywood’s biggest names have bounced in. Among those spotted jumping, laughing and having a great time: Julianne Hough, Amanda Bynes and the Kardashian sisters along with younger sibs Kylie and Kendall.

Hawaii also has hopped in on the fun, with the opening of iTrampoline Hawaii in Kapolei.

The spacious warehouse can accommodate 126 jumpers per hour and up to 700 people in its facility.

There’s a wide-open jump area with 59 connecting trampolines.

Traditionally round in shape, the trampolines at iTrampoline are square and designed for one person per trampoline. The walls also are made from trampolines.

There also are two dodgeball courts, a 6-foot foam pit and a basketball court – all with trampolines, along with a play area for children under 40 inches in height.

Jumpers are required to wear non-slip grip socks (you can bring your own or purchase at iTrampoline) and sign a waiver. There also is a 300-pound weight limit.

“I’ve always wanted to jump in a foam pit,” says 21-year-old Michael Eguires. “It’s pretty fun, and I like the rush of the heights.”

For Laura Hudgens of Kailua, a mother of five, iTrampoline is a fun place to bring her kids. “It wears them out, and they like to do all the tricks,” she says.

Five-year-old Oliko Hudgens says, “I like to jump high and play dodge-ball, because I get to throw the ball at my two brothers.”

Thirty-year-old Fred Baclig, who has worked at iTrampoline as a court monitor since it opened in March, says he likes to practice his front flips on the trampolines. “It’s where adults can be a kid,” he adds. “We have adults who go nuts here.”

General admission is $25 per hour. Kamaaina rate is $18 ($15 for ages 18 and under) per hour. Children under 40 inches in height are free with a paying adult. Each additional hour for kamaaina is $13 ($11 for ages 18 and under). There also are birthday party packages and private event rental options, as well as an iRobics aerobics class and programs for preschoolers and homeschoolers. iTrampoline is located at 91-029 Malakole St. For more information, visit or call 380-4080.