Island Pacific Academy Marks West School’s Ninth Anniversary

To commemorate its ninth anniversary, Island Pacific Academy in Kapolei hosted a Founder’s Day celebration last month.

In attendance were the school’s 512 students from junior kindergarten to grade 12, as well as teachers, staff and parents.


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Island Pacific Academy students hold hands during the traditional Hawaiian blessing by Kahu Laakea Arista (right, center) that kicked off its anniversary celebration. Photos from Bernadette Axelrod of IPA.

“The day was a celebration of our nine years and our continuing efforts to provide a high-quality, independent school experience to students and families of West Oahu,” explained head of school Benjamin Feinstein. “It’s an anniversary and the start of a tradition, celebrating IPA’s birthday.”

And because it was a birthday celebration, a birthday cake was required. A group of parent volunteers whipped up 600 cupcakes – and arranged them to spell out IPA.

“Our design with the 600 cupcakes completely covered a standard sheet of plywood, 4 by 8 feet, so it took this community effort to get it done,” said IPA volunteer coordinator Emily Brown. “Amazingly, it all came together in under two hours.”

IPA also gave each student, teacher and staff member a T-shirt that reads, “One Community, One Commitment.”

“We really want everyone – students, parents, teachers, staff – to know and feel we are ‘One Community’ here at IPA, working together for the same purpose,” Feinstein explained. “Our ‘One Commitment’ is to our students.”

IPA will host its open house from 10 a.m. to noon Oct. 26, and campus tours will be held from 9 a.m. to noon every Friday through the end of the school year.