Island Pacific Academy Headmaster To Lead School Foundation

Daniel White

Now that its student body has tripled, Island Pacific Academy headmaster Daniel White is hoping to see the school’s finances do the same.

White, along with his wife, Judy, and board president Larry Caster opened IPA in 2004 in Kapolei.

In July, White will transition from his role as head of the school to president of IPA Foundation, which garners financial support for the school through various funding initiatives.

IPA first opened with 191 students in grades JK-7. Adding one grade per year, the school was accepting the full range of grades JK-12 by 2009, with 640 students currently enrolled.

“From the start, our mission has included being college preparatory,” said White. “We have graduated three senior classes, totaling 135 students who attend colleges and universities in the U.S., Scotland, Japan and China.”

Implementing a competitive curriculum for IPA has included seeking and being granted designation as an International Baccalaureate World School that offers the Diploma Programme for juniors and seniors, and additional IB work for younger grades. With a focus on art and science, specialists get students acquainted with engineering beginning in elementary school, and also teach the students arts, music, world languages, Hawaiian language, computer literacy and physical education.

During its nine years in existence, IPA also has competed with distinction in Divisions II and III in the ILH (Interscholastic League of Honolulu), and in a national robotics competition. Recognition also was given to IPA some years ago in the form of an award from Walt Disney Corporation for community service efforts by the school’s fourth graders.

In addition to these accomplishments, White said that what stands out the most from his term of leadership is: “The safe and nurturing environment for kids to try things they might not otherwise try and, perhaps most important, our reputation as a school where the kids consistently live up to the motto they have set –

‘Whenever you can, help’

-which breathes life into our founding core values of the power of human kindness and generosity of spirit.

“Personally, I will be more focused on revenue generation to support the school beyond tuition income,” added White of the new role he will step into.

“Finding additional sources of income is an essential these days for all nonprofits (which includes IPA). By March 1, the board of trustees will have selected a new head of school who shares the values, belief in the mission and goals of the school, and commitment to the best education possible for kids held by the board, and one who has the capacity to lead the school as it continues its growth and development.”