Interesting TechNet Asia-Pacific 2014

Last week, I attended the TechNet Asia-Pacific conference at Hilton Hawaiian Village and saw a number of interesting things — and met new people, including a Pearl Harbor survivor. For Hawaii, this was a decent-size show, with more than 3,000 attendees and 150 exhibitors.


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The author's iPhone in an aLOKSAK MATT FLICKINGER PHOTO

The show is sponsored by AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association), and this was the 29th year for TechNet. It’s the largest event in the Pacific Rim that focuses on regional defense issues, and featured keynote speakers and panelists who discussed policies and challenges in the region and their relevance to industry and the government. Of course, there also were exhibits similar to what I see at bigger Mainland shows.

Although it wasn’t tailored to the consumer market, in the midst of server, network and virtualization solutions, LOKSAK stood out because they were handing out waterproof phone bags (aLOKSAK), which basically can turn your phone into an underwater camera, and of course, protect it from heavy sweat while exercising (helpful during the marathon!). The bags are 100 percent water-/airtight and are good up to 200 feet, and they’re made with a special material that allows you to use your smartphone through the bag (including underwater).

Additionally, LOKSAK showcased its SHIELDSAK, which was invited for items using embedded ID chips and different types of mobile devices. Once your device is in the bag, all signals are blocked from entering or exiting the bag. Your phone will not ring and tracking will be turned off. The aLOKSAKs start at $8/three-pack (prices range, depending on size), and the SHIELDSAK costs $70 (phone)/$157 (tablet). Visit to purchase or for more information.

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: lettrs

Even in today’s digital-communications world, I still appreciate a nice paper postcard, greeting card or letter stamped with a cool/original stamp. With that in mind, the lettrs app recently was updated with a new SocialStamps feature that creates more social functionality, and 39 designer stamps initially were launched, with new stamps available monthly.

Unlike a regular postal stamp, these digital stamps are smart in that they capture data and can be shared across all major social networks and across the lettrs user base (174 plus countries). These free stamps can be sent and received through your lettrs account, or can be shared as JPEG files via social media. From a commercial standpoint, these stamps enable advertisers, personalities and nonprofit organizations to increase brand awareness and raise money for causes. And, of course, for the user, it’s just a ton of fun to send and receive these.

A commemorative 2014 “Persons of Note” series features Bob Woodruff, ABC News correspondent; Gen. Stanley McChrystal of the Franklin Project for national service; Michelle Phan, a millennial social media entrepreneur; and Narendra Modi, prime minister of India. Additionally, three historic stamps from the golden decades of actual postal letters are included.

During this holiday season, lettrs is giving $25,000 to United Way and causes affiliated with Persons of Note. It’s a free app — download it today for your iOS or Android device.