Inspiring The Loveland Girls

Dear Pamela,

I would like to recognize Ms. Violet Sunada and thank her on behalf of the girls’ group of Loveland Academy. After reading about the girls’ group and their fundraisers to help local agencies (featured in MidWeek‘s Good Neighbor section in February), Ms. Violet generously donated money to help the girls purchase their supplies for their next fundraiser. Because of her generosity, the girls were able to conduct a larger scale fundraiser that allowed them to raise more money than their previous fundraisers combined! The girls’ group made and sold smoothies to staff and students daily for a week, which resulted in a profit of $230! The group raised the money for Shriner’s Hospital, as well as some of their own group activities. Ms. Violet’s donation was both inspiring and motivating for the girls, as they felt that their efforts were recognized. Again, thank you to Ms. Violet Sunada for your kindness and generosity!

Kristine Rodriguez
Loveland Academy

Dear Kristine,

“I live in a condo near the school,” says Violet Sunada. “I’ve always been interested in education because my son was born with a missing chromo-some. They thought he was mentally challenged, but in fact he has a terrific memory. I’m so happy the school paid it forward by donating something to Shriner’s Hospital. I read MidWeek top to bottom and enjoy this column because it shows there are more good people than bad people.”

Hello Pamela,

We’d like to give APPLAUSE to Knut Peacock of Peacock Termite and Pest Control. Today he came to do our regular periodic ground treatment. While connected to one of the several access points, he realized that some chemical was leaking out from the pipe. Upon examination, Knut noticed that the pipe had been accidentally punctured by a ground spike installed by a third party company while placing a grounding rod for our solar system a couple of years ago.

Knut alerted my husband immediately. He asked permission to break the concrete in that area in order to repair the problem. He fixed the problem at no extra cost to us, even though the problem was not the result of any action on his part. There was even one point where he had to leave to buy items needed to fix the problem and still didn’t charge us extra. I was overwhelmed by the customer service provided by Knut and his company. It is a rare commodity in our world today to find someone who places such high value on customer service and the ability to go the extra mile to provide good service.

Mahalo for recognizing this fine man.

Mika and Trisha Fellows

Dear Mika and Trisha, Knut Peacock, whose company has been around since 1958, says this happens all the time.

“I had to dig it up and do the repair for my own welfare, as well, in order for my system to continue to work,” he says. “It’s standard for us to do that at no charge. The Fellows were the nicest people. They gave me a gift card to Subway.

“It’s so nice to have people compliment you. I don’t think people take enough time to say thank you.”

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