Input Sought On Honouliuli Plan

The National Park Service recently submitted a proposal to designate Honouliuli as a National Historic Site or National Monument.

The area, which is off of what is now Kunia Road, was the site of an internment camp during World War II that housed hundreds of Japanese Americans.

“I commend the National Parks Service for its commitment to honoring the tens of thousands of Japanese Americans across the country and in Hawaii who were taken from their families and placed in camps like Honouliuli during World War II under suspicion that they would not be loyal to the United States,” stated U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who represents the area the 2nd Congressional District.

“These innocent victims, many whose family members served on the historic 442nd Regimental Combat Team to protect and defend the U.S., deserve this recognition so that their stories can be told and future generations can learn about this deplorable juncture in America’s past.

“Thanks to the leadership of Sen. Inouye and Sen. Akaka,” she added, “as well as the research and activism of dedicated volunteers from the Ja-panese Cultural Center, we have an opportunity to ensure that the history of Honouliuli Internment Camp will never be forgotten.”

The park service will conduct a series of public meetings to discuss the proposal and answer questions. The next area meeting is scheduled from 2 to 4 p.m. May 27 at University of Hawaii – West Oahu in Lab Building E132.

Public comments are due July 15 and are welcome at the meeting.

Comments regarding the project also can be submitted online at