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An Ink Subscription Service For Printers

Last week Mr. Ink Plus announced the availability of its first ink subscription services in Honolulu. The new programs are designed for both consumers and small businesses, and allow you to replace ink in your four-color printer up to three times per month for a $24.95 monthly charge (“Managed Ink” Subscription Service).

“In a struggling economy, efficiency is key to ensuring a healthy bottom line,” says Terrence Iwamoto, president of Mr. Ink Plus.

The store has been in Hawaii for 10 years, and it has helped many businesses and consumers (including me) save money by providing an alternative to the high cost of retail-priced printer ink.

All his inks include a locally backed guarantee.

The subscription service is available only on Oahu for select Brother (LC-61, LC-75 and LC-103) and Canon (PGI-5BK CLI-8; PGI-220BK CLI-221; PGI-225BK CLI-226; PGI-250BK CLI-251) inkjet models.

Once you register for your subscription service, you’ll receive specially coded compatible inkjet cartridges.

When you run out of ink, go to the Mr. Ink Plus store to exchange it for the same type of cartridge.

For those who use a heavy amount, Mr. Ink offers another $39.95 per month subscription (“Infinite Ink” Subscription Service) that allows you to replace your ink unlimitedly. Find Mr. Ink Plus at 670 Auahi St. in Honolulu, (mrink.weebly.com), 526-2465.

MW-Click-051414-MileageClick Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: Mileage Keeper

With the ever-rising cost of gas, I wanted to find an app that could track my gas spending to calculate miles per gallon.

There are a ton of choices out there, but I stumbled upon Mileage Keeper.

This app helps you keep track of your vehicle’s fuel economy with your phone instead of rummaging through your purse to find your coffee-stained notebook or scratch paper to write down your mileage.

The app lets you enter your odometer reading, fuel amount and notes for each of your refuels if you did anything different with your driving habits, etc., during that tank of gas. If you missed a refuel, no worries, the app compensates for it. You also can keep track of multiple vehicles.

You can set the preferences to calculate in mpg or km/gallon, and your amounts can be entered in gallons or liters. All the conversions are done for you, so you don’t have to do the math.

The data then can be exported via sending emails with standard .csv files. Mileage Keeper is available for your iOS or Android device – and best of all, it’s free!