IN4Mation Releases New Collaboration With Stussy

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Hawaii-based clothing company In4mation released a new collaboration with Stussy last week featuring four products – a cruiser skateboard, two T-shirts, a hat and pins.

“Looking back on this particular project, it was kind of a dream to work on to be honest,” says Keith Kanagusuku, In4mation’s creative director. “We all grew up really into the product and the lifestyle that Stussy was putting out into the skate and surf scene, so to be able to collaborate with a brand that you looked up to so much when you were younger is really special.”

As for the products in the collection, each marries key elements of each brand. “If you look at the S-Links tee, you can really see how we worked both of our aesthetics into the piece,” notes Kanagusuku. “You have our iconic cross-bones design married next to Stussy’s famous S-Links design. I think the rest of the products, from the cruiser deck to the other tees and hats, all really reflect iconic elements of both brands. And to me, when you can achieve that, you know that it’s a successful collaboration.”

For Ryan Arakaki, one of the founders of In4mation, the project speaks to the skate roots of both brands. “For the World Tour tee, we looked to some of Hawaii’s most notorious and famous skate spots like A’ala and Zones, and prominently listed them on the tee,” he explains. “If you’re not in tune with Hawaii’s history with skating, the different spots won’t resonate with you, but if you have roots in skating in Hawaii, you’ll instantly get it … and that’s what we want.” The collaboration was released in a limited supply and is available at the In4mation store in Pearlridge and at Human Imagination in Chinatown (1150 Nuuanu Ave.). For more information, visit or call 488-0411.