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Improving Your Quality Of Life

D. KONA SMITH ‘Ohana Hearing Care director

Since 1966, our caring, expert staff at ‘Ohana Hearing Care has helped thousands overcome the problems associated with hearing loss. We know that when a family member has a hearing loss, the whole family has a “hearing problem.”

Those with even a mild hearing loss find themselves avoiding certain places and people. They lose confidence in their ability to carry on a normal conversation. This leads to stress, isolation and miscommunication. Help is available through modern technology.

What we do: First, we check your ear canals. Your hearing loss could be caused by a buildup of ear wax. Then, a simple hearing measurement is done to determine if hearing loss exists. Utilizing the latest technology, we test, evaluate and discuss the best treatment plan.

Today’s hearing aids are a far cry from the types and styles available just a few years ago. They are comfortable, very small and virtually invisible when worn. Plus, they are packed with features that enable you to hear and understand conversation without stress and anxiety.

Hearing professional Nhan Tran (left) tests a patient’s hearing at ‘Ohana Hearing Care. PHOTOS COURTESY OF ‘OHANA HEARING CAR

Excellent results: Our patients report hearing much better at church, in class, at home or work, and at social occasions for everyday verbal communication. We use the latest state-of-the-art computer technology to program the hearing instrument system for your individual hearing needs.

Save your hearing: We also make custom ear protection for industry and anyone exposed to loud noise at work, home or play. Our custom monitors for musicians are world-class. Swimmers and surfers love our custom ear plugs made to keep water out of their ears and prevent infection. Concert-goers use our ear defenders to enjoy distortion-free music with no harm to hearing. Don’t endanger your good hearing. Protect it.

Get started today: Call our office at 593-2137 to schedule an appointment for a free hearing checkup and consultation. We are conveniently located at Times Arcade, 1296 S. Beretania St. in Makiki, on the ground floor. Our 45-day risk-free home trial combined with our low price guarantee is your assurance of complete satisfaction. A free lifetime service plan is included.

Visit ohanahearingcare.com for more information.