iMom’s On-call Assistants

Intelligent, intuitive, invisible – iMom Hawaii is an on-call personal assistant and home management service in Honolulu.

According to CEO Rahul Hooda, it’s iMom Hawaii’s mission to enhance quality of life by offering an extra hand to your day-to-day tasks with professionalism and competence.

“I started this business about three months ago, so it’s relatively new, but the response from our clients have been very, very positive and there’s been a lot of hype,” he says.

With a slew of “iMoms” aka personal assistants at your service, iMom Hawaii makes sure that all are trustworthy and credible. All assistants have been interviewed, background checked and trained, and offer a variety of skills.

“All of our assistants are college-educated or are currently in college, respectively. They provide almost anything and everything to help get your life intact, from household cleaning to running errands, grocery shopping, baby-sitting, interior decorating, pet care and even office management,” Hooda says, noting that the list goes on and on. “We also list each iMom’s availability and align it with your requested service times, making the pairing process a critical part of what we do for you.

“Our assistants are paired up with our trainer, who supervises them at our own homes, where they serve as our personal assistants before we approve them to assist any clients,” Hooda adds. iMom Hawaii also has a very broad demographic of clientele, but Hooda says the primary demographic is business professionals who are “very busy with their professional lives and need some assistance in their personal lives.”

When choosing to take advantage of the services provided by iMom Hawaii, know that there are no contracts and no obligations, but a minimum of two hours is recommended per visit.

“You can use the service as often as you like – every week, once a month, once a year – it’s entirely up to you,” Hooda explains.

With six businesses to his name, Hooda, who’s also trained in internal medicine, is no stranger when it comes to the entrepreneurial world.

“There’s nothing better than working for yourself, but on the other hand you’re responsible for everything,” says the New Jersey native, who made Hawaii his home seven years ago.

“iMom Hawaii has been an interesting experience for both our clients and assistants. For our clients, it’s a winwin situation, and our personal assistants also are able to network with business professionals who may be able to help them in the workforce.”

Hooda has high hopes for iMom Hawaii, and he would like to continue to expand the business locally, and perhaps later on a national level.

“Our goal is to help make your life easier,” Hooda says. “No matter what the task, whether big or small, we can take care of it for you.”

For more information on iMom Hawaii, call 224-4694 or visit where you’ll find all the steps you need to take to make iMom Hawaii an integral part of your life.