Ice Age: Continental Drift

Erica Neves
Executive Director, Joshua Neves Children’s Foundation (JNCF)

Where and with whom did you see the movie?

It was a family event with husband Max, 4-year-old daughter Makayla, and our 15-month-old son Logan, at Ward Consolidated Theatres.

Erica Neves

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Erica Neves

Overall what did you think?

I thought it was just OK. There were a few scenes that were impressive, and both Sid and Scrat had a couple of laugh-out-loud moments.

Otherwise, the storyline was a bit choppy and it seemed the main characters took a backseat to the introduction of so many new characters.

It lacked the simplicity and humor that made the original two Ice Age movies so likeable (this was more along the lines of Ice Age 3 with a scary antagonist).

Without giving away the ending, what was one of your favorite scenes?

Like the title of the film suggests, the continents will drift apart. That scene in the film was actually very impressive. My husband kept saying, “Wow!” out loud. It was like Ice Age met The Perfect Storm.

On a scale of one to four stars, what would you rate this film?


Was the message/theme clear?

Personally, I think the screenwriters tried to tackle too much with this script. There’s the rebellious teenage mammoth, Sid’s dysfunctional family, the imminent end of the world, a new love interest for Diego, and a crew of pirates led by a scary prehistoric orangutan bent on revenge. That’s a lot of storylines in one plot.

Did it remind you of any other work in film?

Yes, there was a part in the movie very similar to the cartoon Sinbad (starring Brad Pitt) where the cast members think they are seeing their loved ones, but it is just some sea creatures tricking them. The music in that scene seems the same, too.

Who would you recommend this movie to?

People who like to watch animated films in general. I’d be hesitant to recommend it to families with very young children – there were some scenes where Makayla was holding onto Max’s arm because she didn’t like “that bad monkey” (the character Captain Gutt can be a bit much for kids).

Did any of the actors stand out?

John Leguizamo who plays Sid the Sloth does a great job and there are several scenes where he really steals the show.

Did the soundtrack contribute significantly to the film?

No. Compared to some of the other fun songs in the previous Ice Age movies, this one lacked anything memorable.

That was actually pretty surprising considering all the voice talent in this film (Nicki Minaj, Queen Latifah and Jennifer Lopez).

Would you buy this movie when it comes out on DVD?

Probably, a parent can only endure so much Barney and Curious George DVDs, right? I’d fast-forward through some of the scarier scenes and dialogue.

On a different note, what’s new with you?

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The tournament is our main source of funding for the foundation’s core programs and services. We are now working on expanding our community partnerships and looking into grant opportunities so that our resources keep pace with the demand families are seeking for bereavement support services.

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