Wesley Hara of Cartridge World Honolulu

How To Save On Ink Cartridges

Wesley Hara of Cartridge World Honolulu

Wesley Hara of Cartridge World HonoluluPhoto courtesy Wesley Hara

As Hawaii’s largest laser cartridge remanufacturing company, Cartridge World Honolulu is a dream come true for those who rely heavily on printers. Students, business professionals and everyone in between know just how quickly one can go through an ink cartridge and what a pain it can be to replace them, not to mention the cost involved.

At Cartridge World Honolulu, you can expect to pay from 30 to 50 percent less than at other stores for quality cartridges.

Owner Wesley Hara opened his business in 2007 and aims to provide customers with value that exceeds their expectations.

“Since we control what components go into making the cartridges, we can keep quality high and cost low,” he says. “Our customers can expect to have fast and free delivery service, and for our business accounts we provide complimentary technical support for their printers.”

Cartridge World Honolulu caters primarily to small and large businesses, schools, nonprofit organi-zations, government and military, as well as individual consumers.

According to Hara, customers appreciate that the company will deliver and ship cartridges throughout the state and nationwide free of charge.

Printer repair also is available, and Cartridge World Honolulu will purchase your empty toner cartridges as well.

“For our business customers, we are their laser cartridge supply and printer repair company on call five days a week. We work to keep their printers online,” he adds.

An entrepreneur from the get-go, Hara comes from a family with an entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, this UH-Manoa graduate, who earned a degree in marketing, worked for his family business, a major rose grower and florist, for 25 years prior to opening Cartridge World Honolulu. Hara understands the risks and advantages that come with every business venture.

“The rewards of having my own business would be the flexible hours,” he says. “I also enjoy being able to develop strategies and tactics, and having the freedom and authority to implement them.

“The challenge I have with owning my own business is to overcome the anxiety of uncertainty. Oftentimes I’m not sure if something will work, but if I don’t try, then I’ll never know. My faith has kept me from going crazy.”

Although the future holds many uncertainties, for Hara one thing is clear: There’s always room to grow.

“Our sales have been increasing every year since we opened. We will probably add more services and programs to our company to increase the value for our clients,” he states.

Cartridge World Honolulu is located at 1124 Kohou St. and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information on Cartridge World Honolulu, call 538-6637 or email honolulucw@gmail.com.