Hot Shots – 8/14/13


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Dr. Lee-Jay Cho Honored By Japan
On July 16, the government of Japan conferred a decoration to Dr. Lee-Jay Cho, chairman of the Northeast Asian Economic Forum and former executive vice president of the East-West Center, in recognition of his contributions to the promotion of friendly relations and mutual understanding between Japan and the United States. Pictured are (front, from left) Jean Ariyoshi, Eun-Ja Cho, Dr. Lee-Jay Cho, Daniel Akaka, Millie Akaka, Michiko Shigeeda, (back) Darryl Nii, Cathy Nii, Cynthia Yamane, Dawn Kurisu, Brandon Kurisu, Dr. Andrew Mason, Ray Cho, Dr. Robert Rutherford, John Waihee, Lynne Waihee, Adm. Young Kil Suh (Consul General, Republic of Korea), Kenji Sumida, Dr. Denise Konan, Kathy Sumida, Ronald Moon, Ye Fong and Toyoei Shigeeda (Consul General, Japan). Photo from Brandon Kurisu.