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Hot Shots – 7/22/20

Queen’s Employees Help Foodbank

In an effort to help meet Hawai‘i’s hunger needs, employees of The Queen’s Health Systems donated $83,035.37 to Hawai‘i Foodbank, which will help provide more than 207,000 meals. The initiative was launched by The Queen’s Medical Group’s culture and wellness committee as a way of easing the su~ ering caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Pictured are (front) The Queen’s Health Systems president and CEO Jill Hoggard Green, (second row) Dr. Marie Yamamotoya, Dr. Jessica Barry, Hawai‘i Foodbank president and CEO Ron Mizutani, Dr. Rick Bruno, (third row) Dr. Malia Ramirez, Dr. Todd Seto, Dr. Chris Fiack, (fourth row) Dr. Matt Koenig, Dr. Daniel Fischberg, Dr. Zia Khan and Wendy Kodama. PHOTO COURTESY THE QUEEN’S HEALTH SYSTEMS