Hot Shots – 4/5/17


Cooray Honored For Public Service

Adm. Harry Harris, commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, presents the Distinguished Public Service Award to Kusuma Cooray March 24 at the USPACOM headquarters at Camp H.M. Smith, in acknowledgment of her “distinctive accomplishments and services” as honorary consul of Sri Lanka in Hawaii for 16 years PHOTO FROM KUSUMA COORAY


Haiku Art Contest Winners

Presenting the winners of the 65th Cherry Blossom Festival’s annual Haiku Art Contest: Kira Nagaki (grade 5, Kaneohe Elementary), Alyssa P. Lo (grade 6, Kaneohe Elementary) and Kristen Pang (grade 11, Punahou School). They are pictured here with Kristine Wada, 65th Cherry Blossom Festival general co-chairperson; Cathy Iwai, president-elect, Japanese Women’s Society Foundation; Chelsea Okamoto, 65th Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Art Contest chairperson; and Kristin Alm, 65th Cherry Blossom Festival general co-chairperson. PHOTO FROM AIMEE NELSON