Honoring Ewa Citizens For Their Volunteerism

Rep. Bob McDermott

Some of Ewa’s outstanding citizens recently were honored for their good works during a town hall meeting at Campbell High School. I presented these individuals with certificates of thanks from the state Legislature, a small gesture of recognition for their dedication to Ewa. They represent the best of our community’s spirit of volunteerism. Below are just a few of their accomplishments.

Cleaning The Ewa Plantation Cemetery

Members of the Ewa Beach Lions Club, a retired Honolulu firefighter and several other dedicated volunteers cut the overgrown grass at Ewa Plantation Cemetery, which had been neglected by the state.

Reaching Out To Youths And Homeless

Kurt Fevella, current president of Ewa Beach Lions Club, has helped with Little League teams and beach cleanups. Kurt personally has reached out to homeless families in our area and helped them to successfully re-integrate as productive citizens.

Keeping The Neighborhood Clean

Mitchel Tynnes also is active in Ewa Beach Lions Club. He has helped with a myriad of activities, including the renowned Ewa Beach Christmas Parade. Mitchel is an unsung hero of the community who is constantly patrolling our neighborhood parks and public places for graffiti violations. He immediately responds to graffiti by repainting it on the spot. Mitch also is an unpaid keeper of our parks, inspecting them and ensuring that maintenance is continually being performed.

Community Organizing

Dana Fatu and Shawn Troup are two homeowners in Ewa by Gentry who had their property invaded by Pacific beetle roaches. Through their efforts, the problem of infestation that had caused so much damage and distress was tackled. Both gentlemen became envoys and took the initiative to communicate and organize their neighbors to seek solutions with myself and Gentry Properties LLC. Their labors are a perfect example of how grassroots activism can solve problems and make things happen.

There are hundreds of community organizations in Ewa that need help. These volunteers have strengthened trust, solidarity and reciprocity among their neighbors.

As our official certificate of recognition states: “BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the Twenty-Seventh Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 2013, that this body hereby recognizes and thanks …” all of these community members throughout our district whose contributions continually make Ewa a better place to live, play, raise families and work.

State Rep. Bob McDermott represents District 40 – Ewa, Ewa Beach and Iroquois Point. He can be reached by calling 586-9730 or emailing repmcdermott@capitol.hawaii.gov.