Honolulu, Home Of Awful Drivers

The result of being rear-ended | Photo from Tannya Joaquin

As a reporter, I’m always intrigued by interesting questions. Here’s one I was asked recently: What’s your pet peeve? Several others answered “bad drivers.” Perhaps I should have, too.

It’s a common gripe here that Hawaii has a lot of bad drivers, but here’s proof to back it up. I just reported on an Allstate insurance study that said Honolulu is No. 128 for worst drivers out of 200 cities nationwide. This was a story that really hit home because I was just hit – rear-ended in a car crash. I was driving west on Kalanianaole Highway near Hawaii Loa Ridge during evening rush hour, waiting at the stoplight with my children in their car seats in the back. Then, suddenly, an SUV behind me slammed into my car.

Of course, my first concern was for my children – then, for moving safely to the side of the road to exchange information with the other driver. Finally, I wondered what my car would look like after our unexpected direct hit. Keep in mind this was an SUV versus my Prius, so I was really worried how it would handle the impact.

The driver was very apologetic, saying he saw other cars moving and assumed I was, too. I explained I understood these things happen. The kids are OK. That’s the most important thing. My car can be repaired.

However, it turned out to be a bigger deal as, 48 hours after the crash, I realized that my neck and back were starting to ache. Turns out my minor fender-bender did a major number on my spine, neck and back.

Now, not only is my car in the body shop, but I’m having body work done, too, to treat my injuries.

So what’s my real pet peeve? Don’t get me started.

I’ll give you my take on that next week!