Innovative Eye Specialists

By Jeffrey J. Wong, M.D., and Rupa K. Wong, M.D.
Doctor Services of Honolulu Eye Clinic

At Honolulu Eye Clinic we understand the importance of providing quality health care, and we ensure outstanding customer service for our patients. Advancements in technology and surgical procedures drive us to continually develop our skills and techniques to best treat our patients.

Our staff works diligently to find ways to improve our service delivery in order to enhance the overall experience for every patient.

Dr. Jeffrey Wong

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Dr. Jeffrey Wong and family

We streamline the appointment-making process by utilizing our website ( for patients to request an appointment. The patient registration forms also are available online, which allows for less time spent in the office. Email and text messages remind patients about their upcoming appointments. Our website is updated regularly with patient testimonials, open house events, as well as recent media appearances. After their appointments, patients are invited to comment on their experience in an online survey.

Our patients travel from all of the islands as we are one of the only – if not the only – clinic that offers such a wide spectrum of services. Our contact lens department stays up to date with the advancements in contact lenses, and we provide thorough and tailored training for new contact lens wearers, including children.

We have recently finished renovating our office to expand our full-service optical shop and update our waiting room. There is a separate kid-friendly waiting room for our pediatric patients, where they can read books, color and play with toys. Our pediatric examination rooms are equipped with toys and DVDs to keep children’s interest and to help facilitate their comprehensive eye examinations.

The services that we provide at Honolulu Eye Clinic include: cataract surgery with multifocal and astigmatism lenses, glasses (adults and kids), contact lens evaluation and training (rigid gas permeable, soft and scleral contacts), LASIK, pediatric eye exams, eye muscle surgery for lazy eye or double vision, Botox and injectable fillers.

For more information about the services at the Honolulu Eye Clinic or our doctors, please call 526-0030 or visit us online at We are located in Queen’s POB II, 1329 Lusitana St., Suite 806. We are accepting new patients.

Honolulu Eye Clinic is the best place for quality eye care for every member of the family, and we hope to see you soon!