Holly Madison’s Final Bow and More Vegas News

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IF YOU’RE A BILLIONAIRE, every day is probably a pretty good one, but winning a $40 million slander suit has got to be up there with your wedding, the birth of a child and making your first billion. It all began with Joe Francis owing the Wynn/Encore a $2 million gambling debt. Then a Nevada judge tacked on a $7.5 million defamation judgment. But the “Girls Gone Wild” producer said some nasty things about Steve Wynn that a Los Angeles jury agreed with. Francis plans to appeal … Steve Wynn says he’ll take the cash and donate it to an abused women’s charity and a wounded warriors’ charity.

Steve Wynn. Photo from Kimo Akane

SEVEN OUT … The Gold Room, the poker room at the Trop, which was named after 2006 WSOP champion Jamie Gold.

HOLLY MADISON will be saying aloha and taking her final Peepshow bow Oct. 21 as she changes her name from Holly to Mommy.

THE ANNUAL AVERAGE rainfall in Las Vegas is less than 4 inches, but every now and again flights get delayed, roads are closed, emergency crews test their training and records are broken as Mother Nature tests our understanding of chaos theory.

LOCAL BOY-now-Las Vegas-transplant Shane Kawamura will be in San Diego for the (9/21) movie premiere of Art of Submission starring Ving Rhames, in which he has a part. The preview looks preety good – check it out on YouTube.

YOU KNOW THE OLD saying about the three most frequently told lies: “We’re working on it,” “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you” and the “check’s in the mail” … But, in this case, the last one is no deliberate intent to deceive. If you haven’t gotten your “Vacations Hawaii Mahalo Check” in the mail, look for it on your B Connected players account online.

IMPERIAL PALACE hosts the “Frank Marino’s Disco Divas Bingo” beginning Oct. 25. According to the headliner, “There’s nowhere else in the world you can play Bingo with drag queens breaking out in dance on your table … This Bingo will be anything BUT a drag!” I’m betting it may take a few extra numbers before someone yells “Blackout.”

NEW VEGAS LEGISLATION has gone into effect that makes the trash from Slappers (the folks who don’t speak English and slap the cards for escorts against their hands) the responsibility of the company that issues the cards. One company says they hand out 50,000 cards every week, and claims that they aren’t the ones doing the littering – It’s the tourists’ fault …

“A NON-EVENT” – that’s what the Las Vegas bookies called the FSU-Savanna game that was suspended after two storm delays with eight minutes and two seconds left to play. RJ Bell of pregame.com says, “Wagers on college games are official only after 55 minutes of gameplay.” Lucky for the casinos, because the 55 to 0 final score meant FSU failed to cover the 69-point spread. Lucky for the Tigers, they avoid the “biggest loser” distinction, leaving the record to the 2007 Hawaii vs. Northern Colorado game that favored the Warriors to be victorious by 60 points.