Highlands Displays Quality Leadership

Pearl Highlands Intermediate has been awarded a 2015 National Gold Council of Excellence Award from National Association of Student Councils (NACS) for its community leadership, service and activities.

NASC’s goal is to help student councils around the nation become more effective organizations.

“We are proud of our student leaders and their commitment to school improvement,” stated principal Amy Martinson. “We applaud Mr. Eric White, the student activities coordinator, for his leadership.”

In order to receive such recognition, Pearl Highlands Elementary’s student council had to uphold its written constitution, have regular meetings, conduct a democratic election process and more.

The student council also had to demonstrate leadership training for its members, teachers and staff, and sponsor appreciation activities, student-recognition programs, school and community service projects, goal setting, financial planning and more.

According to NASC, schools like Pearl Highlands that earn the excellence award displayed the highest levels of leadership. For more information, visit unrvw.nasc.us.ncoe.