Helping ‘Ohana Navigate The Future

BY TODD PANG, founder of Kūpuna Care Pair

Imagine a decision as costly as a down payment on a home and as consequential as life or death, having to be made without the internet, listings, photos or any pricing information. That is a close analogy to the predicament that many families are in when looking for senior care services. Additionally, more than 50% of people experience stress and anxiety during the process, according to AARP. During my past 12 years operating Caring Mānoa, an adult residential care home, I have met countless families struggling to navigate the ins and outs of elderly care, and sometimes under duress. That’s why I developed Kūpuna Care Pair, a one-stop-shop website designed to raise awareness of senior care and reduce stress for entire families as they navigate an uncertain future for their loved ones.

Kūpuna Care Pair founder Todd Pang (right) chats with Caring Mānoa resident Doris Taira before daily morning activities at the senior care home. PHOTOS COURTESY KŪPUNA CARE PAIR

Our free knowledge base of the essential senior care recommendations and best practices draws from more than a decade of hands-on care, and we empower families to make informed decisions to avoid costly pitfalls, caregiver burnout and conflict among each other. Our Elderly Care Marketplace helps families to quickly identify and easily connect directly to appropriate care providers much like a real estate Multiple Listing Service connects homebuyers with sellers. With the help of the online marketplace, families can focus their energy on their loved ones’ needs instead of spending so much time starting from scratch just to find out basic details.

Understanding elderly care options can be difficult and time consuming. That’s where Kūpuna Care Pair steps in to create a seamless and stress-free experience so that our senior loved ones can find the care that they need and deserve.

If you are struggling to find senior care or even just want to plan ahead, visit us at so you can “sail above the Silver Tsunami.”