Janice Gaspar

Helping Nonprofits To Thrive

Janice Gaspar

Janice Gaspar

By Janice Gaspar, creative director, REVO Oahu

Change doesn’t always have to start with a grand gesture. Sometimes, all you have to do is take a second to show support for a good cause.

REVO (ree-voh), short for “revolution,” is a grassroots movement aiming to help spread awareness about social injustices by hosting creative benefit events for various causes. REVO was founded by Nina Brav in 2007 in Hilo, where she hosted the first REVO event that helped raise funds for The Grace of God Orphanage in Malawi, Africa.

After working with Nina and REVO as a graphic and Web designer, I decided to form a branch here on Oahu in 2009.

Without knowledge of what’s going on in the world, it becomes almost impossible to care about the countless amounts of tragedies happening across the globe. This is why we want to share what we’ve learned by hosting events to help raise funds and awareness for various nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to a range of causes.

Attendees enjoy artwork at a REVO event

Attendees enjoy artwork at a REVO event

All of the money raised from door entry fees is donated to the event’s designated nonprofit. Everyone who participates (artists, musicians, etc.), including those on our REVO Oahu team, are not being paid a single cent. Everything we do is completely voluntary. This is our way of giving back – by using our talents to support a good cause.

The money that we make from selling our shirts goes right back into our organization. We do not accept donations from the public, but by purchasing our merchandise, you are helping sustain REVO Oahu and allowing us to continue what we’re doing. Thank you to all of our friends, families and amazing supporters for having hope in our efforts.

We truly believe that every single person has the potential to make a positive impact. All it takes is simply challenging yourself to use your gifts and talents for something good, something greater than yourself.

We are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested, please contact us at revooahu@gmail.com. And please join us Oct. 24 at our next event, a screening of a new film by Invisible Children. More details are coming soon.

Stay up to date by connecting with us online at revooahu.org, or find us on Facebook and Instagram (@revooahu).

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