Helping Is Just The Right Thing To Do

Dear Pamela,

I tripped and fell as I entered an elevator and hit my head on the interior wall. Donald Fasone from Tropical Water, who was in the elevator, helped me to the bench in the lobby. He got me an ice pack and also contacted the manager of the building. I am so grateful for his kindness. Nola, who was sitting on the bench, offered to look for my husband and stayed with me until he came. A great big APPLAUSE to my two angels! Because of you I am doing fine now.

Kathleen Ito

Dear Kathleen,

Donald Fasone says he’s embarrassed by all the attention, when it was something he would have done for anyone. “There was about a half-inch difference between the floor and the elevator cab,” he says. “Her slipper caught and she went flying into the wall. There was a huge lump on her forehead, so of course I contacted the manager to get her some assistance. Kathleen got my number from him and thanked me over the phone. It was so nice of her to write this letter but, really, anyone would have done the same.”

Hi Pamela,

I am writing to give APPLAUSE to Aaron Kouchi, store manager at City Mill Mililani. I went there to see if they had any Elf trees left to buy for my first grandbaby for her first Christmas. I explained to Aaron my daughter bought an Elf tree at a City Mill in town, but it died within a week because the tree was wedged in so tightly in the stand, it was not able to absorb any water.

He blessed us with a beautiful, fresh Elf tree. He said, “Take this home to your family and tell them I said Merry Christmas!” The cashier said, “That’s Aaron. He’s nice all through the year, not only during Christmas.”

Yonesaki ohana
Ewa Beach

Dear Yonesakis,

Apparently the employees at City Mill Mililani agree. “He’s a good manager,” says head cashier Alicia Querubin. “Even in the busiest of times he keeps a cool head and is patient and understanding with customers and workers.”

Dear Pamela,

While attending the Ilima Awards at Diamond Head Theatre, one of my shoes literally came unglued.

There were two young women working at the event who noticed this. They told me they would have a crew member fix my shoe. I gave them my table number and, in a few minutes, my shoe was returned to me mended with clear-plastic duct tape.

I’d like to thank these folks for saving me from wardrobe malfunction.

Marilyn McCormick-Randall

Dear Marilyn,

“We have a great team of more than 100 volunteers to help at our annual fundraising event,” says Diamond Head Theatre executive director Deena Dray. “We know the people are here to support the arts and the islands’ culinary industry, so we want them to be as comfortable as possible. It’s all about community.”

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