Helping: Its Own Reward

Dear Pamela,

A gentleman walks every day, from 9 a.m. to noon, picking up trash on Kahekili Highway. He wears shorts, tank top and cap, and carries an umbrella with bags hanging on both ends for trash.

I just want to say thank you for taking care of our highway. I appreciate what you are doing.

Frances Y.
Kaneohe Hi

We are handicapped seniors who were going round and round for parking at Anna Miller’s. There were three cars waiting for this one space. The gentleman in the black car was first in line, and the space should’ve been his, but he waved us in.

He didn’t even know we were handicapped.

Thank you, Sir!

K. Yoon and Mary P.

Dear Pamela,

I would like to thank the person who found the battery to my cell phone. I was at Foodland on Beretania when my phone fell out of my purse and came apart.

When I got home, I told my husband about my phone, and he said the battery was missing, so I called Foodland and they informed me that someone had turned it in to customer service.

Thank you, angel. I didn’t have money to buy another battery. You saved me big time.

Virginia Balinski

Dear Pamela,

I would like to thank Gwen, who took it upon herself to place a bench by the bus stop I frequently use. Being a senior, it was such agony standing and waiting for TheBus. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

Alice Ohtani
Aiea Dear


I would like to thank the gentleman who took care of my drink order at Ala Moana Food Court’s Jamba Juice counter. This gentleman asked if I was waiting in line and I said to go ahead because I was still deciding. I happened to have a couple Jamba coupons so I handed him one.

When it was time for me to pay for my order the cashier said that gentleman used his coupon to pay for my orange juice. I looked around and couldn’t find him. He has some body art and a Chinese character meaning “Happy” or “Joy.” I am grateful to be the recipient on that day and will forward this act whenever I am able.

Joy Pan

Dear Pamela,

I recently lost a set of keys at Bishop Square. My heartfelt thanks to the Good Samaritan who found it and turned it in to the security office. I am deeply grateful for his kindness. And thank you, too, for the means of acknowledging acts of kindness.

C. Lewis

Dear C., Joy, Alice, Virginia, K., Mary and Frances,

Your anonymous angels have one thing in common. They give from the heart and expect nothing in return. For those who make good deeds part of their daily agenda, the opportunity to serve is reward enough.

If you know someone who deserves some Applause, send your letters to Pamela Young, MidWeek Applause, KITV, 801 S. King St., Honolulu, HI 96813. Include your name, phone number and, if possible, the phone number of your “applaudee” so we can contact him or her.