Helping Hands Suddenly Appear

Dear Pamela,

Recently a kind stranger noticed this senior with a cane pacing up and down Ala Moana Center frantically looking for her car. This angel approached me and told me to sit on the bench at Macy’s while she hunted for my car. This lady sought the aid of the mall security officer, who in turn got the “posse” in action for the hunt. In no time my car was found, thanks to all these kind people. In the midst of all the activity, I failed to get the names of these Good Samaritans. I hope they know how much I appreciate their help. A big APPLAUSE to them!

Florence Matsumura

Dear Pamela,

My in-laws went to the Central Medical Building to do their bloodwork. My father-in-law fell down in front of the entrance door. My mother-in-law is frail and couldn’t pick him up. Two strong gentlemen came to their rescue. I know the Lord sent them to help him. Please, if you are reading this, thank you! My father-in-law is much better.

The Miyashiros
Ewa Beach

Dear Pamela, My husband is 84 years old. While dining out one day he fell on the floor. I want to thank the people who helped him up.

Mary Lopes

Thank goodness for the Anonymous Angels who show us by example the value of extending that helping hand.