Helping Customers Is Key At HECO

Dear Pamela,

First of all, thank you, Pamela, for a column that recognizes and inspires everyday good deeds! I’ve been very remiss in not thanking several “angels” who go above and beyond the call of duty.

When I was in Waimanalo, I locked my keys and cell phone in the car. Unfortunately, my friends were not home. I walked several houses down the street, where two Hawaiian Electric Company workers were. I explained my situation and one let me borrow his cell phone to call home. I explained to my daughter exactly where I was, mentioning that I was borrowing a cell phone and would not be accessible by phone after we hung up. After thanking the gentleman, I walked back to my car. A little while later, I noticed two HECO trucks slowly driving up the street. They were looking for me after completing their job because my daughter had called back for clarification of the directions. I called her using his cell phone again. My APPLAUSE to these two HECO workers for watching out for me.

Carol Sakai-Feteira

Dear Carol,

“Our field crews are always happy to assist in these situations,” says HECO senior communications consultant Darren Pai. “We are all part of this community, and giving a hand to our customers when they need help is the right thing to do.”

Hello, Pamela,

During the holiday season there are often many “giving trees” around our local shopping centers, and at Ward Warehouse I found one dedicated to seniors. One tag caught my eye in particular. It was for a 70-year-old female senior, whose only request was, “Bedbug treatment – twin size mattress and box spring, bedbug covers, spray and powder.” In the midst of the holiday craziness, I was humbled by her request (as it is clearly a need, not a want as most Christmas presents are). I took the tag to America’s Mattress on Beretania Street, and the salespeople were amazingly helpful. In the end, they DONATED a top-of-the-line mattress protector kit for this senior in need! I was in awe of their generosity and wanted to thank them publicly for helping a senior in need. I think that it is wonderful that Hawaii looks out for its ohana, both young and old (or “seasoned,” as many would prefer!).

Angela Bond
Hawaii Kai

Dear Angela,

“We’re the only company that has a bedbug treatment box, so she definitely came to the right place,” says America’s Mattress Beretania manager Brandon Orman. “Owner Chris Eldridge is local-born and raised, so he knows word of mouth means more than any amount of advertising. Ohana is very important.”

Dear Pamela,

I would like to extend a big mahalo to Beau Martin, a member of the U.S. Navy, who came to my rescue when my car stalled at a traffic light on Kamehamheha High-way near the Forty-niner Grill in Aiea.

When he saw I was in trouble, Beau pulled his car in front of mine at the traffic signal, waited for a break in traffic and singlehandedly pushed my car to safety on the side of the road, where I was able to call a tow truck.

I regret that I did not offer this thoughtful gentleman any form of payment for his kindness and generosity. But if you would acknowledge his actions in your column, at least he would know how very much I appreciate what he did for me.

Chrissy A. Morris
Foster Village

Dear Chrissy,

Bill Doughty, deputy director of Public Affairs Navy Region Hawaii, thinks “Beau” may be a nickname, so it’s impossible to trace him, but he thanks you on behalf of Beau and all his buddies stationed in Hawaii. “Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge this Sailor’s good deed,” he says. “Our Navy service members, civilians and families want to be good neighbors in the community. We can all learn and live Aloha and lend a helping hand!”

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