Helping City Parks Do Its Job For Kailua Beach

Editor’s note: This letter also was sent to Windward lawmakers and community leaders.

Dear Editor, After watching the public hearing on TV regarding BILL 11CD1, it is time for restrained celebration. Those of us who live in and love Kailua can see a future for our lovely beaches free of commercial enterprises.

Seeing parks director Gary Cabato’s suggested three-year plan made me wonder why he is resistant to this community-wanted change.

As a retired Oregon public employee who managed several statewide programs, I have a suggestion as to beginning implementation of Bill 11CD1. Start in Kailua/Waimanalo as stage one, where new regulations can be implemented in three months. Give one month for writing the administrative rules, then two months for notifications and training staff.

Our community needs this to be done now, not in three years. And as we are the ones who have brought this to the forefront, then we should be part of the solution. Evaluation of effectiveness can be done in six months and, if needed, rules can be modified for better administration. This would give a plan for the rest of the county.

* Three months for writing administrative rules, notifications and staff training (July, August, September 2012)

* Six months implementation in Kailua and Waimanalo (October, November, December 2012 and January, February, March 2013)

* April 2012 evaluation of the program.

* Continued implementation in Windward Oahu as the program expands to the rest of Oahu, which would be stage two. It could also be done in sections taking those areas most in need first.

Claudia L. Webster