Helpful Strangers Are Heaven-sent

Dear Pamela,

Grandma Robyn and I went to Denny’s in Kaneohe for dinner. After playing two rounds at the Claw Machine, we had no luck. After dinner, our tab came folded up with cash in it, and the waitress Raquel explained it had been paid for. The person who paid it left a note: “Hope you enjoyed your dinner. Sincerely, a fellow Mom. This $1 is because your little girl was so polite she should have another go on the machine.” We had another try, and although we did not win, I will remember my special angel with lots of gratitude and appreciation.

We read that kindness goes around, but never thought it would happen to us. We will be sure to pass on the generosity.

Kiryn Ronne and Grandma Robyn

Dear Pamela,

All angels are not in heaven. Some are here among us. I purchased a table for my TV from Ross in Hawaii Kai. It took some effort for me to carry it out to my car. From out of nowhere appears this angel who lifts the table, looks out for oncoming cars and puts it in my backseat. I’m hoping she’ll read this column and know how much her kindness touched me. May many blessings come her way.

Violet A. Poola
Hawaii Kai

Dear Pamela,

While stopped at a traffic light by Koko Head fire station, a man in the car behind got out and approached my car. To my surprise, he told me my wallet, which I had carelessly left on the trunk, had fallen off. He returned it to me, but the light turned green so I had to proceed quickly. Everything was intact in the wallet.

I’m so sorry I didn’t get his name. What a wonderful experience to find someone so honest and determined to do the right thing. Hope to pay it forward one day.

Jane Tamura

Aloha Pamela,

While out kayaking with my family, the kayak with one of my sons and me tipped. My little boy, in his life vest, was wedged under the padded seat, but luckily I was able to pull him out. Trying to get my son to hold onto the overturned kayak and fetch our slippers and oars was proving impossible, when a man and two young girls pulled up on a Jet Ski. He collected my son on the back of his Jet Ski, his daughter grabbed my oars, and while my husband attached my kayak to the back of his so he and my other son could tow it to shore, the wonderful stranger gave my son and me a ride back to shore.

He left quickly thereafter, refusing money for gas (the Jet Ski had towed a bit of weight) and not giving me his name or information.

I want to thank him again, sincerely, because I don’t know what we would have done without his and his daughters’ help.

Cynthia LaRue

Aloha Pamela,

On a recent visit to Zippy’s Waikiki, a friend and I were recipients of an act of kindness. We found that some kind soul had picked up our lunch check!

To the anonymous Good Samaritan, our belated but sincere thanks for your kindness.

C. Lewis

Dear C., Cynthia, Jane, Violet, Kiryn and Grandma Robyn,

For most Good Samaritans, giving is a natural part of living. How lucky we are in Hawaii to have so many angels willing to take the time and effort to turn a potential disaster into a lesson learned.

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