Help That Comes Out Of Nowhere

Dear Pamela,

I fell flat on my face while walking near Koko Marina. Fortunately, four cars stopped. There were three servicemen and a woman. They made sure I could walk, asking if I wanted an ambulance. The lady offered to take me to my destination, which she did. One of the men stayed back to help me to her car. I was a mess and covered with grass and gravel. I waved and thanked him as we drove away.

As the lady drove to the dental office where my grandson was, she said, “I just had to stop; couldn’t leave you there like that. I am a caregiver and that is my job.” Looking back, I realize I could not have made it to my destination without any of them. I also want to thank the dentist’s wife, Lee, who continued to clean me off and take care of my wounds until I got to emergency.

Please advise them all how much I appreciate what they did. Fortunately, none of my wounds are serious and are healing nicely.

Though I don’t know who you all are, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jeannine Fukino
Hawaii Kai

Dear Jeannine,

This was your day for meeting up with angels! One in particular has a special agenda. Lee Matsuo, wife of your grandson’s dentist, says she tries to help everyone, especially servicemembers. “Whenever I see one of them in uniform, I go over and ask if I can give them a hug,” she says. “I tell them ‘I don’t know who you are, but I love you for what you’re doing. You’re watching our backs.’ They so appreciate that. At Anna Miller’s restaurant, the waitress automatically knows to give servicemembers’ tabs to me. That’s the least I can do.”

Dear Pamela,

I would like to recognize Kevin of Neal Blaisdell Center for a job well done. While we were waiting to congratulate the graduates of Kamehameha High School, Kevin took the time to explain the order of entry to the large group that had gathered at the side entrance. He patiently explained that once the ceremony was over, the graduates would fill the exhibition hall, followed by the handicapped, then arena audience. Knowing the process, the crowd remained orderly and did not panic when they saw the hall rapidly filling up. Kevin also allowed those who needed to use the restroom facilities to go in, do their business and return to their spot in line while the ceremonies in the arena were in progress. Thank you, Kevin, for treating us with respect and preventing a potential chaotic moment by keeping us informed.

Randy Itamoto

Dear Randy,

Since 2008, Kevin Santos has been working events as a part-time usher for the Blaisdell and Waikiki Shell, which host more than 600 events annually. Your letter has prompted another APPLAUSE letter for Kevin from Mayor Kirk Caldwell. “Kevin uses his knowledge, experience and aloha to help very large, energetic crowds move smoothly and patiently,” he says. “We are very proud of his efforts and professionalism, and I am pleased to acknowledge and extend to Kevin a warm mahalo for a job well done!”

Dear Miss Young,

I just want to thank Perry & Price because my mom and I went to the breakfast show at Jade Dynasty. My mom won the Vegas trip and we had a great time!

Nadine Grace

Dear Nadine,

Michael W. Perry is happy your mom took you along on her Vegas vacation. “It’s a great thing to watch people be happy,” he says. “It’s even better when you get some APPLAUSE when they come home!”