Help Arrives

Dear Pamela,

Darlene, the assistant manager of Aikahi Safeway, and Taylor, the young woman at the deli counter, came to the aid of my daughter, a type 1 diabetic. She was shopping when she began to experience a severe insulin reaction. Taylor noticed my daughter’s shaky movements and quickly came to help. She and Darlene brought my daughter a sweet drink, a chair, a cool towel. They called me and I rushed over and administered the emergency glucagon shot she needed to recover. We have much gratitude for these two calm, cool and professional women. Thank you!

Carol Gersti

Dear Carol,

“We all need to help each other out,” says Aikahi Safeway assistant manager Darlene Silva. “Mrs. Gersti’s daughter is a regular customer. After church on Sunday she usually comes over and does her shopping. On this day she was ordering a sandwich and Taylor Souza at the deli counter could tell she wasn’t feeling well. Taylor called me over, and we tried to make her comfortable. Neither of us knew she was diabetic. She later sent us a thank you card, and we posted it on the employee board. It was so sweet of her mom to write an APPLAUSE letter!”

Hi Pamela,

We, the seniors from Kulana Hale, would like to thank Lokahi Project students from McKinley High School for our First Senior Prom Bash.

They entertained us with hits of our time, the 1950s and ’60s, played games, and took pictures for our souvenirs, like a real prom. After lunch we had dancing. A special thanks to the sponsors: Center of Tomorrow’s Leaders, McKinley High, Aloha United Way, Catholic Charities, Kahala Nui, Ishikawa Photography, Meadow Gold, Okahara Saimin, Lanakila Kitchen, Liliha Bakery and Tony Silva.

Terri Cariaso
Kulana Hale

Dear Terri,

“My husband Andrew had already thought about doing something for seniors, so when the McKinley students called, it was a natural fit,” says Denise Ishikawa of Ishikawa Photography. “It was so much fun. They got dressed up and wore tiaras. Everybody who attended got two photos, one with props, one traditional. Those guys were a riot!”

Dear Pamela,

On a flight returning from Korea, I fell ill. Flight attendant Erin Tokuhama, along with the rest of the crew, assisted me. They found a registered nurse on board who works at Wilcox Memorial Hospital to attend to me. After we landed, more Hawaiian Airlines and airport personnel assisted me. Later, when my husband went to pick up our luggage, they asked about my condition. After being treated at Pali Momi Medical Center, we waited for our ride. In all of those stress-filled hours, I forgot my hospital discharge bag that contained my cell phone and necklace on a bench.

When I called the security department, I was very happy that a very honest person had turned it in. What a harrowing day! Thank you to my dear friends, Roy and Barbara Tamashiro, who waited for hours to pick us up. I’m sorry that I didn’t get the names of all of these “angels.” I’m fine now and will never forget all of these caring people.

Ellen Kawada
Pearl City

Dear Ellen,

“We were very concerned when we didn’t get a call,” says Roy Tamashiro. “We had an arrangement to pick them up after they got out of baggage claim. When we didn’t hear anything, we checked the airline schedule and knew something was wrong. Ellen and my wife Barbara used to teach together at August Ahrens Elementary, so we have been good friends for a long time. We’re happy she’s doing OK now.”