Heavy Air Traffic Over Ewa Should Let Up Next Month


McDermott’s Message…Rep. Bob McDermott

Air Traffic Over Ewa

My office has received numerous telephone calls regarding the aircraft noise generated by planes flying over our Ewa homes. According to many residents, it occurs at all hours of the night.

After investigating this situation, the state Department of Transportation (DOT) reported to my office that in order to accomplish much-needed repairs to runway 4R-22L at Honolulu International Airport, DOT needs to close the runway at night. The department has posted an advisory on its website, which states Ewa residents can expect an increase in air traffic over the area because of airfield maintenance work at the airport.

Runway 4R-22L will be closed for pavement replacement Sunday through Thursday, from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m., through Sept. 30. During this time, flight patterns will be modified, resulting in increased air traffic over the Ewa area.

The runway is the third-longest of four runways at the airport, spanning a distance of 9,000 feet. Runway 4R is our primary nighttime arrival runway, and closing it at night forces those arrivals to be routed to Runway 8L.

According to DOT, there are no other workable options available.

Football Fun In Ewa

Football season is here, and we have several youth teams in the area.

My two boys played with Ewa Beach Crush for several years and had a great experience.

The Crush team and cheer squad are both run by the indefatigable Lola Tripp. Lola is a bundle of positive energy and always is willing to work with parents to ensure their children have a fantastic experience.

The cost is very reasonable, and they get several months of football and cheer conditioning and coaching by people who are driven by nothing more than a desire to help these young players develop teamwork, athletic skills and perseverance.

What impressed me the most about Ewa Crush was the genuine love and affection the coaches develop for the children. These are neighborhood parents coaching neighborhood children. It is a unique situation that creates an unmistakable bond among the kids.

The coach who stood out to me the most was Larry Toro. An elder whom everyone looks up to when he speaks with his gravelly voice, Coach Larry is loved by the kids!

If you are looking for a fun activity for your boys and girls this season, I recommend the Crush. For more information, go to leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=ewabeachcr ush.

State Rep. Bob McDermott represents District 40 Ewa, Ewa Beach and Iroquois Point. He can be reached by calling 586-9730 or emailing repmcdermott@capitol.hawaii.gov.