A Heartfelt Farewell

Dear Pamela,

Unfortunately, because of the economy, I must return to the Mainland. But first I must thank several people. Mr. Brown, who showed up out of nowhere to help Mom and me put our tree on the car last Christmas at Kmart. Also, the sweet senior man who covered me with his umbrella in a downpour at Ewa Beach Safeway. But most of all, I owe my heart to my special co-workers at Kuakini Hospital Makai 5 for the love, patience and friendship while making my home in Hawaii. May you all be blessed.

Cindy Kemmerling
Ewa Beach

Dear Cindy,

It is amazing how the smallest of gestures can make wonderful memories. As to your co-workers, Kuakini chief nursing officer Virginia Walker says you’ll be missed.

“The Makai 5 Kuakini health care team extends a fond aloha to Cindy,” she says. “We wish her all the best as she makes a new home on the Mainland.”

Aloha Pamela,

First of all, my mother was thrilled to meet you at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. She has just completed her treatment and is now on medication. We decided to walk the race course (slowly!) to show our support for all the people working to find a cure. It was wonderful for her to meet survivors like you who gave her encouragement on this stage of her journey. We sat under the Survivors Tent and chatted with a woman from Aiea who was four years cancer-free. Another one was just diagnosed for the third time! The strength she got from all of you makes all the difference in the world. I want to give APPLAUSE to the Komen Race people for putting on such a nice event. We didn’t finish the walk because Mom was getting tired, but we will be back next year.

Emily Choy (Yui Kwai’s
daughter) Mililani

Dear Emily,

Hawaii Komen Race for the Cure says the event could not be held each year without the participation of people like you and your mom. This year was especially challenging because the date was changed to two weeks later because of Hurricane Iselle. As a seven-year survivor, I know the value of the friendships created on race day. See you next year in October, National Breast Cancer Awareness month!

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