Heart & Soul Of Education

By Cassandra Tokars Director/owner, Accelerations Learning Center

If all we do is educate, then we lose. Accelerations Learning Centers goes well beyond equations and paragraphs.

We are an atmosphere of empowerment, working to touch the hearts and souls of our students, liberating them to exceed any of their educational expectations.


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Cassandra Tokars - Director/owner, Accelerations Learning Center

I knew from the start Accelerations Learning Center was not going to be a tutoring facility.

When you tutor a student, regardless of age or grade level, you are selling them short. Many tutoring centers are just baby-sitters doing the students’ homework. It’s actually disabling the students more then helping them.

Accelerations Learning Center focuses on self-esteem first and foremost. My employees, who are all well-qualified teachers and professionals, strive to connect with the students and then engage and inspire them on an educational platform.

We welcome a wide range of students from 3 years old through college level.

What I notice is that initially parents will bring their child in for help with a certain subject, like math, and after time their grades in all classes will rise. All any student needs is a spark. We get them excited about going to class, raising their belief in self.

Recently we have expanded beyond our center, administering on-site courses at local schools such as Academy of the Pacific and Hawaii Mission Academy, and a variety of preschools, too. We also have key relationships with both Punahou and Saint Louis schools, gaining referrals for students and parents to our center.

I take tremendous pride in our SAT Prep courses.

When it comes to college admissions, SAT scores are absolutely crucial. College admissions departments have a hard time deciphering what a GPA means for each student, since the difficulty of schooling varies greatly. In our system I have seen students with very poor GPA’s raise their SAT scores by 500 or 600 points. These increases in scores lead to college admissions and scholarships.