Hawaii Rush Soccer Has Training In Waipio For Young Players

With interest in youth soccer in West Oahu at an all-time high, the Hawaii Rush Soccer Program is trying to do its part to help beginners by way of its Micro program.

Established for boys and girls at the ages of 4 to 7, Micro Soccer is for players who will soon make the transition to Hawaii’s popular Club Soccer scene, according to Marcus Chambers, developmental director of Hawaii Rush Soccer Club.

“We’re hoping to get these kids doing the right things at the right age,” said Chambers. “A lot of kids who come up (to Club Soccer) join at a late age, and they’re good recreational players or in AYSO, but they find themselves behind and are still at the bottom of the club system. Kids are impressionable at that age, and they are like sponges. They can get stuck in bad habits, so we’re trying to get them to play the right way.”

Among the obvious benefits of enrolling in Micro Soccer is the opportunity to be tutored by the club’s highly regarded coaching staff. “Our licensed and professional staff can help with the growth of a child’s game while still having an enjoyable experience,” Chambers said. “We highly encourage fun, safety, enjoyment, individual and team development, while still installing discipline and a love for the game inside each player.”

Hawaii Rush Soccer offers four six-week training sessions per year (one for each season). Annual fee is $300. (Fees are pro-rated for those who don’t take part in all four.)

Micro Soccer training is conducted every Friday at the Waipio Peninsula Soccer Complex in Waipahu. Typical training puts players through a weekly “30-minute, age appropriate training session” with Rush’s staff. Players are then divided into four-player teams for a “micro-sized” soccer game, which includes smaller goals. Micro Soccer games are played without goalkeepers in order to promote more scoring for youngsters.

“They have more touches to learn the game,” he said to explain the lack of goalies. “They are learning every single time they touch the ball. The smaller field and having no goalkeeper gives kids more scoring chances, and allows them to build a love for the game and to get a sense of achievement.”

Hawaii Rush’s coach-versus-player ratio is generally one coach per group of 10 youths. While promoting fun is a key component of Micro Soccer, Hawaii Rush still tracks scores, standings, stats and news on the club’s website.

Rush Soccer is currently the largest such organization in the world. It has grown to 30 clubs in the United States with a national membership of nearly 40,000 players. Hawaii Rush’s spring session begins April 4, and players can enroll by calling 484-7874.