Hanauma Lecture: The Walkers Of Rapa Nui

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve presents free public lectures Thursday nights on a variety of UH Sea Grant-supported UH graduate trainee research projects. Confirmed March programs begin at 6:30 p.m. in the park’s Cynthia M. Bond Memorial Theater on the dates below.

* March 6 – “The Statues that Walked: Unravelling the Mystery of Easter Island” with University of Oregon anthropology professor Terry Hunt;

* March 13 – “Local Heroes: Native Collector Sea Urchins Impact Kaneohe Bay Reefs” with HPU graduate students Laura Stanley and Grace Chon;

* March 27 – “Eat Local Seafood: Where Does it Come From and What Do You Need to Know?” with Hawaii Seafood Council program director John Kaneko.

For more information, call the UH Sea Grant Program office at 956-7031 or 397-5840.