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Hanalani Fifth-Graders Win ‘Play SMART Hawaii’ Game Show

Hanalani team members show off their winner's hardware. Photo from Hanalani Schools.

Hanalani team members show off their winner’s hardware. Photo from Hanalani Schools.

Hanalani Schools’ fifth-grade team bested 15 other Oahu schools to claim the seventh season championship of Play SMART Hawaii game show (aired Jan. 6 on OC-16). The victory earned the school a SMART Board Interactive System complete with installation and teacher training, courtesy of title sponsor The Audio Visual Company (AVCO).

Each match in Play SMART Hawaii consisted of two teams competing using SMART Board technology. Students use collaboration and critical-thinking skills as well as correct spelling and legible writing to provide correct answers. Answers often are written, drawn, matched, or dragged and dropped in proper order. A maximum of two players can be at the board at any time, but the whole team may contribute to the answers.

“Collaboration and strategy were the two biggest takeaways for the team,” said team coach Kim Myrmel. “It took practice and experience to find each other’s strengths, but over time, they started to work like a well-oiled machine.

Students enjoyed the experience so much that they were willing to give up some recess time to practice.”

Play SMART Hawaii was developed by AVCO to inspire sportsmanship and positive group collaboration by providing them an entertaining and interactive game space involving SMART Board technology.