A Great Smile Can Change A Life

Dr. Trang Le
Dentist with Ohana Dentistry

Where did you receive your school/training?

I attended University of California at San Diego and obtained a Bachelor of Science in general biology. I then received my Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of California, San Francisco. Additionally, I completed one year of advanced education in general dentistry at Buchanan Dental Clinic in San Francisco. There, I was trained extensively in all aspects of general clinical dentistry and complex cases, including crowns and bridges, root canal, extraction procedures, and partial and complete dentures.


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Dr. Trang Le

What got you interested in pursuing dentistry?

I used to visit my aunt’s dental office when I was 22. At my aunt’s office, I saw patients with broken teeth. I remember being amazed at what my aunt was able to do to fix those broken teeth, transforming them into beautiful smiles – because when I first saw the teeth, I thought they were completely hopeless. A great smile changed these people’s lives, increasing their self-confidence. It was then I decided to become a dentist.

What area of dentistry do you specialize in?

I am certified in placing dental implants and braces. My focus is on comprehensive dentistry for the whole family, with an emphasis in cosmetic dentistry such as veneers, teeth whitening, and alignment of teeth. We restore implants from start to finish: implant surgery and implant crown. You can find out more information on the different cosmetic dentistry procedures over at https://www.cosmeticdentistsnewyorkcity.com/.

What issue do you most commonly treat?

I see a lot of toothaches from a large decay on a daily basis. We have new patients coming in with excruciating tooth pain who cannot sleep at night. This is a common problem in patients who have never had a dental checkup and/or have poor oral hygiene.

First I evaluate whether the tooth in question is salvageable. I get the patient out of pain either by extraction of the tooth or root canal therapy. If the tooth is saveable, I need to clean out the decay, infected pulpal tissue, and restore the tooth to normal shape to restore function. If it is not savable, extraction is necessary.

For patients who have several missing teeth and wear loose dentures, I might recommend dental implants similar to those on offer at https://www.dentalimplantsusa.com/ to provide a more long-term solution to loose dentures. To install, I place implants into the jaw bone and then the implants are attached to dentures to give them greater stability. Stable dentures will significantly improve patient’s speech and eating.

Any new developments in dentistry?

Our office uses advanced technology to facilitate convenience and a high standard of care. I use a Picasso diode laser for soft tissue management, digital radiography to reduce radiation and ZOOM unit for teeth whitening. In our office, we place bone graft, implants and restore crowns over the implants.

I’m doing braces using Tip-Edge technique. It is a very comfortable and less forceful technique to straighten teeth and achieve a beautiful smile.

Anything else you’d like to mention?

We have four registered dental hygienists who educate patients on the importance of dental hygiene and regular checkups. They clean patients’ teeth and bring the patients’ gums to a healthy state. We warmly welcome new patients and offer free consultations for implants, veneers and braces. We take care of our patients.

For more information, call 841-7944 or 737-9032, or visit OhanaDentistry.com or kaimukicenterfordentistry.com.