Grateful For Such Good Neighbors

Hi Pamela,

I would like to extend my gratitude to all these people who are of great help to me: my neighbors Cal Masuoka, Brendan Debebar and George Ishikawa, who helped me when my husband collapsed at home. Also, my big mahalo to Jessie Ishikawa for sending George to help me when I called for help three times, and for worrying about putting my trash can out on trash day even when she went on vacation. Also, to Lon Shimokihara, for being here to help the two para-medics lift my husband onto the gurney to put him in the ambulance. Also, Dr. Villareal at Kaiser Moanalua ER, who admitted my husband and told me not to worry, since they would take good care of him.

My thanks also to Tony, Tessie, Katelyn and Trevor Schmisseur for the beautiful orchid plant, and to Lon, Holly, Tristan and Reeve for the lovely plant that helped to cheer me up while my husband was in the hospital. Also, to Ruby Kimoto, Gina and Chad Yasuda, Asa and Victor Ahana, and George and Setsuyo Fujino for bringing over lunch and all your words of support.

My husband, Edwin, now is going to physical therapy and getting better, but it is taking awhile.

Yoshie Tatami

Dear Yoshie,

Jessie Ishikawa says that’s what neighbors are for. “Her husband just had back surgery and then he fell,” she says. “We were happy to help, and we know she would do the same for us. We’re glad Edwin is doing better.”

Dear Pamela,

I want to thank all the Good Samaritans who came to my aid the day I fainted next to Le Flowers shop. Your helpfulness and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated. I did not get all your names, but June, Joy and the gentleman who swabbed me with a cold compress and whoever called the ambulance, my mahalo again. I’m feeling better now, thanks to you all.

Helen Nakamura

Dear Helen,

“We’re relieved she is doing fine,” says Candace Le, owner of Le Flowers. “We called the ambulance, but there were many people outside and in the parking lot who also came to her aid.”

Dear Pamela,

I would like to send a big mahalo to the staff of the Handi-Van office, appointment operators and the bus drivers.

As a newcomer to the system, I have to commend these people for their cheerful, helpful and friendly service. Being a longtime bus rider, I appreciate the door-to-door service. I don’t have to cross streets. I get to chat with people while waiting for my van. I can fall asleep without worrying about missing my stop. I always have a seat. Again, thank you, Handi-Van!

Elsie Tokairin
Pearl City

Dear Elsie,

“Thank you for the wonderful words of appreciation,” says Michelle Kennedy of TheBus. “Our staff does their best to provide a high quality of service and to always serve with the Spirit of Aloha. We look forward to continue to serve Ms. Tokairin.”

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