Got Stuff And Gotta Move? Try Runnur

Runnur is like a shoulder strap on steroids  PHOTO COURTESY RUNNUR

Runnur is like a shoulder strap on steroids

I first ran into Runnur at the Super Mobility Week show a couple months ago, and it was just one of those things that caught my eye. It looks like a shoulder strap on steroids with a variety of pockets and zippers. It’s essentially a different form of a fanny pack for someone who does not want to wear one.

Runnur founder and CEO Andrew Hamra says, “I came up with the idea for Runnur when I realized there is a better way to carry all your stuff — wallet, smartphone, keys, tablets. You need both hands to do your job, and if you cannot access your device in less than a second, then the use of that device goes down exponentially.”

Runnur is designed to hold your gadgets and essentials in a compact manner without hindering your movements or filling up your pants and shirt pockets. Your cell phone, ID, money, credit cards, camera, sunglasses and water bottle each has its own special place. There even is a reflective strip on the back for safety (I wish there was one on the front as well). The top of it is contoured to fit over your shoulder, and the inner portion is made out of foam core for comfort.

At Super Mobility Week, Hamra was promoting the follow-on product Hands Free iPad Clip & Carry Case. This is designed to let you carry your tablet without the weight of your backpack or a traditional tablet case. It clips right onto the original Runnur.

My favorite part is probably the water bottle pouch on the lower back potion. It has elastic around the middle and a second strap of elastic at the top that holds your bottle in by the neck.

This is especially helpful on hikes or walks and, of course, outdoor activities, although this would not be good for running because it would bounce too much. But overall it’s a unique product that is worth trying out.

Find Runnur for $45 at You also can buy Runnur + iPad Clip & Carry Case for $115. Or, if you already have a Runnur, the case and clip costs $70.

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