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Goodness All Around

Aloha Pamela,

My 88-year-old father went to cut his hair at Paul’s Barber Hairstyling on Monsarrat Avenue. this past Tuesday morning. As he was approaching, the shop my dad saw a young man who was jogging enter the shop. Knowing that my dad was going to cut his hair the jogger stopped in to pay for his cut as well as the tip. The man said to my dad, “You must be 88!” To which my dad promptly responded, “You’re right!” What a surprise to have his haircut paid for by this young man who cared enough to make a senior citizen happy. Aloha lives in Hawaii nei! To that jogger we say, “Blessings, mahalo and aloha to you and yours.”

Keomailani Fergerstrom

Dear Keomailani,

This kind of generosity is apparently not uncommon in this little part of Diamond Head. “This is a very nice neighborhood,” says Tracey Ta, whose husband Paul owns the barber shop and salon. “I remember this kind man come in and offer to pay for the gentleman’s cut. He said he saw him cross the street and wanted to do something to make his day!”

Hi Pamela,

Driving to school/work early one morning, the sun had not quite risen when my daughter and I came across the cutest sight. A large city opala truck driver was assisting a little old lady across the street. He was walking alongside her and making sure that any traffic would stop as she slowly crossed the large street with her walker. If not for him it would have been a hazardous situation for her, as visibility was poor at that time of morning. When she reached the other side of the street, he jumped back into his truck and continued on his way out of Luawai Street and onto Kilauea Avenue. I don’t think the lady even acknowledged him, and he probably thought that no one was watching, but we saw his good deed and wanted to acknowledge it. It was so kind of him to see someone in need and take action! It was also a great example of human kindness for my daughter to see.

Judy Dang

Dear Judy,

Department of Environmental Services Director Lori Kahikina thanks you for your letter. “Although our employees main focus is trash, this is very, very gratifying to hear,” she says. “We definitely have compassionate and considerate employees who embrace those in the neighborhoods they serve.”

Aloha Pamela,

Around Christmas I had my bicycle stolen. To my surprise, a week later HPD Officer Gazelle recovered and returned it, in good condition. What a miracle! Mahalo to you, Officer Gazelle, and all others involved in finding and returning it. Keep up the fantastic work.

Vicki Chong

Dear Vicki,

Your HPD angel is Officer Arthur Gazelle. “Officer Gazelle is one of many hard-working officers in the Honolulu Police Department,” says Waikiki (District 6) commander, Captain Lisa Mann. “He is a proactive officer who is highly motivated and consistently seeks out ways to take preventative action. That he recovered the bicycle and returned it to the rightful owner is all in a day’s work for Officer Gazelle.”

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