Good Samaritans Everywhere You Look

Aloha mai e Pamela,

I took my sister to the ER at Kaiser Permanente-Moanalua to check on some discomfort in her abdomen. It turns out she had a burst appendix. On the surface this is a serious issue, but in this instance the issue went undetected for several days. Upon being admitted, the ER staff went to work immediately, treating her with aloha and pure efficiency. After tests and X-rays, she entered the OR at 4:30 p.m. and the recovery area at 8 p.m. I am happy to write that all turned out well. Were it not for the gifted healing hands of the ER staff at Kaiser-Moanalua, I shudder to think what might have happened.

Wayne Hinano Brumaghim

Dear Wayne,

“We are very happy to hear your sister is doing well,” says Greg Strongosky, M.D., chief of emergency medicine at Kaiser Permanente Moanalua. “Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I echo your thoughts about our Emergency Department staff and consider myself very lucky to work with such caring professionals. ”

Aloha Pamela,

Last month, after a Ka Iwi coast cleanup, my fellow volunteers took me to Hawaii Kai Jamba Juice for a birthday acai bowl. We were all tired but jubilant after a day of picking up debris and trash. I must have gotten a little too relaxed, because when I went home, I noticed my fanny-pack zipper was open, and my ID and a credit card were gone. I panicked! I went back to Koko Marina to trace my steps, but nothing was found. By the time I got home, Winston Cheng was sitting outside our townhouse. He is an exchange student from Taiwan who found my papers on the ground. He found my address and rode his moped to my place! I cannot say enough about this young man. He even refused to let me give him a reward, so I invited him to the baby luau for my granddaughter. This has given me hope that this younger generation values honesty.

Mildred Ostrem
Hawaii Kai

Dear Mildred,

Winston Cheng thanks you for the soft drink for his drive home. “I have many important papers I need to study in this country, and I know if I lost any I would be in big trouble. I Google-mapped her address and meant to leave the cards, but she drove up at that moment.”

Dear Pamela,

Back in September, two girls on a moped crashed at about 11 p.m. heading to Kailua across Castle hospital about 50 yards from the intersection. The girls are from the Mainland and are staying here for six months. A lady stopped and helped them. She loaded them in her car and drove them across the street to Castle Emergency. If this person did not come along and aid them, we don’t know what else would have happened. That area does not have a lot of light.

We are looking for this person so we can thank her, whoever she is. If she reads this, I hope that she contacts you and, if you could pass on a phone number for her to call, we would very much appreciate it. This was a very caring person. Please call.

Abe Aiona

Dear Abe, Hopefully your anonymous angel will recognize her good deed. I will keep your phone number just in case she reaches out.