Good Golly, They Rallied For Molly

Hi Pamela,

I wanted to send a really huge thank you to the entire neighborhood of Pacific Palisades in Pearl City. One of my beloved dogs adventured through a gate that was left open by our landlord’s yard people.

It was a gut-wrenching feeling knowing my Molly was wandering on a busy street. As a puppy, she hurt her left front leg pretty badly and because of that has a noticeable limp. My entire family canvassed every street in Palisades, calling out for her. We had three cars searching for her and two people walking every street by foot. We were looking for Molly from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.! I left my number with countless concerned people.

Unbeknownst to me, a wonderful soul named Nina Salas had seen Molly limping on the main road and took her to a vet, concerned she was injured. She was then instructed to take her to Hawaiian Humane Society, since she wasn’t microchipped yet. She even posted a picture of Molly on the HHS Facebook page, hoping to help Molly find her home.

I am so grateful that she took such time and effort to care for my dog! Also, through the fliers we posted and the scratch papers with my information I passed out, I received concerned texts and phone calls. I don’t even know their names!

I just really wanted to take the time to give the entire community of Palisades a huge shout out and a grateful mahalo for all the kind words, support and patient ears we needed that day! I’m really amazed and proud to be a part of this neighborhood!

Nicolle Sanpei
Pearl City

Dear Nicolle,

“I have three dogs, too, so I know how frustrating and scary it is when one is lost,” says Pacific Palisades resident Karen Konz. “Nicolle and her husband were driving up and down calling for Molly. I waited in my driveway until they drove past again and asked for their phone number so I could call if I saw anything. I also directed them to my neighbor across the street, who sits out and sees everything. Later I called to see how they were doing and was happy they were able to find Molly.”

Aloha Pamela,

I accidently dropped my wallet while exiting Bus 42 at Zippy’s in Pearl City. Jackie was the driver of the following bus, who saw it in the street and took the time and effort to retrieve it. She went through the wallet looking for a phone number and found that I was a member of Leeward YMCA. She contacted the Y; the Y in turn contacted me to inform me that TheBus had my wallet and gave me her number and name. I was able to get my wallet back the same day. My sincere MAHALO to a wonderful lady whose name is Jackie. Mahalo also to Leeward YMCA for forwarding Jackie’s call.

James Tominaga
Pearl City

Dear James,

Michelle Kennedy of TheBus thanks you for your letter of appreciation. “We will present your letter to bus operator Jackie Kekahuna for going above and beyond to ensure your wallet was returned to you. Mahalo for riding TheBus.”

Dear Pamela,

I was on the No. 57 Bus from Kailua town, between 2 and 3 p.m., heading for the downtown Hotel Street bus stop to transfer to another bus, and my metal wallet must have fallen out of my shorts pocket. I missed the wallet around 4 p.m., and my son called TheBus company early the next morning and left a message that his mom had “lost” her wallet, and he left his home phone number and name.

What a wonderful surprise when TheBus company called my son to say that someone handed in the metal wallet to the bus driver, and the bus driver handed it in. It was in the lost and found and we could go collect it. We did go to the Kalihi location, and wouldn’t you know, the metal wallet had ALL its content intact — credit cards and money. I was one happy tutu that day.

I do not know who the person was who found the wallet on the bus, but I did want to thank that person and also commend the bus driver for his prompt action. It is like a breath of fresh air that you can travel by bus and know that the drivers have integrity — and the person who found the wallet must have known how upset the person who had lost the wallet would have felt. Lucky you live in Hawaii.

Holly Stevens Reno, Nevada Dear Holly, TheBus acknowledges your warm words of appreciation. Bus operator Patrick Fontaine will receive your letter detailing his wonderful act of aloha.