Golfer Also Hits The Books

Improving his golf game always was a goal for Kailua High’s Caleb Keohokapu, but the scores he was receiving in the classroom were perhaps of more importance.

“I’ve been an A-B student all my life — I always wanted to get good grades,” he said. “School was always important to me.”

Keohokapu’s diligence in the classroom has paid off in a big way, as he recently accepted an academic scholarship to Notre Dame de Namur in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also will be a part of the men’s golf team.

Keohokapu recently wrapped up a stellar high school career at Kailua, having taken second at the OIA Individual Championships (to Kyosuke Hara of Moanalua) April 20-21 at Turtle Bay. Keohokapu had taken fourth in the OIA as a junior in 2014.

While his golf game has been on a steady incline in recent years, Keohokapu said golf was “a huge challenge for me.”

“I started playing when I was 5,” he continued, “It was a challenge at first, but I started getting a love for it and I wanted to play for the rest of my years. I played baseball until I was 9, but I stuck with golf.”

Most recently, Keohokapu took part in the David S. Ishii Foundation Golf State Championships at Waikoloa Resort, finishing tied for seventh overall. His finish was the highest among OIA competitors except for Moanalua’s Hara (second). Keohokapu recently took some time away from the golf course and his studies to visit with Windward Oahu Voice.

Who’s had the biggest impact on you in your life? It would have to be my family. My dad got me into golf, and my grandparents were always playing golf. They have a passion for it, and I’ve always liked it.

What area of your game will you focus on during the off-season? I’ll focus on my chipping and my putting. I need to get better.

When did you know golf was THE sport for you? Starting with my teenage years, when I was about 15. My game started to come around then, and I started to win some Hawaii State Junior Golf Tournaments.

What Internet site do you frequent the most? I mostly go to the PGA Tour site to check up on their stats and stuff like that.

What is your least favorite household chore? It would have to be taking out the trash.

What movie could you watch over and over? The Avengers.

Who are three of your favorite musical artists?

No. 1 would be Michael Buble, second would be Chris Brown and third would be Drake.

When you have free time, how do you like to spend it? I like to hang out with my friends or go to practice and work on my game.

If you were planning a trip, what would be your destination of choice? My dream destination would be the Caribbean Islands.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully, I see myself on the PGA Tour. If not, maybe working on the business side, like for a corporation.

You’re stuck on Kaho‘olawe. You can have an endless supply of one food. What would it be? Meat jun.

If you could have your pick, what celebrity would you most like to meet? I think it would be The Rock (Dwayne Johnson).