Going The Extra Mile At The Airport

Hi Pamela, I took a Hawaiian Airlines flight to Honolulu from Hilo. Because I had rushed to the airport, I wasn’t able to send my already prepared postcards before leaving, and the female customer service agent at the Hawaiian Airlines boarding gate informed me that there were no post office boxes within the upstairs waiting area. I was disappointed at myself and voiced that I had REALLY wanted those postcards to be postmarked in Hilo. Without hesitation, this customer service agent offered to take my postcards with her and mail them out for me. As proof of her diligence and her keeping her word, the recipients received their postcards two days later.

In this day when the tourism market has steep competition to get and maintain their customers, I would like Hawaiian Airlines to acknowledge this customer service agent and her willingness to “go the extra mile” to put a smile on a customer’s face. I would be grateful if she could please receive some APPLAUSE!

Kyleanne Braman Hilo

Dear Kyleanne, Your wish is granted!

Hawaiian Airlines recognizes Hope Ke-Leibner for giving you great service. Hope has been a customer service agent with the airline for five years.

Hi Pamela, I was stranded on the corner or East Hind Drive and Hind Iuka Drive in Aina Haina, blocking a stop sign and a bus stop. I have since learned that I needed a new fuel pump, but at the time I thought I had run out of gas. I had my 2-year-old son and my 2-month-old daughter with me in the car. My roadside assistance company couldn’t find anyone to tow me, and after more than an hour of sitting there getting dirty looks and getting honked at, I was about to walk to a gas station in the rain with the baby in a carrier, holding my son’s hand.

That was when Melissa pulled up and asked if we needed help. My faith in the goodness of people was instantly renewed. Up to that point, after 50 cars had driven by and not stopped, I figured I was on my own, and just prayed for God to pull me through the situation. Melissa drove to the nearest gas station, purchased gas and came back and put it in my van. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, and I had to try unsuccessfully to deal with my roadside assistance company two more times, and then ended up finding someone else entirely and paying out of pocket for a tow. But – Melissa and her son offered to do anything we needed, to drive us somewhere, or just hang out with us. I was on that corner with the kids from about 1:10 p.m. to nearly 6 p.m. She came back to check on me more than once, gave me her phone number to call if I needed something and refused to let me pay her back for the gas.

I wish there were more Melissa Gills in this world. She made the struggle of that afternoon nearly stress-free for me and made me happy in a situation that would normally put someone in a horrible mood. I’d really like to put this out there to honor her.

Amy Hayes Aina Haina

Dear Amy, Melissa Gills has since moved to the Mainland and is no doubt continuing her habit of rescuing stranded strangers. You have indeed honored her by sharing her selfless gesture to you and your children.

Aloha Pamela, We were very pleased to see Dr. Kerry Ishihara rec-ognized in your MidWeek Applause column. Dr. Ishihara volunteers with us at Aloha Medical Mission as our dental director and also drives in from Wahiawa to volunteer at our dental clinic. Located at Palama Settlement, Aloha Medical Mission is the only free interim dental clinic in the state. Dr. Ishihara is a vital part of our organization and it was wonderful to see him “applauded.”

Susan J. Hughes Executive Director

Dear Susan, Dr. Kerry Ishihara clearly demonstrates that volunteering for those inneed is a lifestyle. To all our community angels, lending a helping hand is second nature.