Going Places And Delivering Results

By Hanwook Kim President of DataHouse Consulting

When I became president of DataHouse Consulting, I knew I had joined a company that was going places. Throughout my career, I’ve worked for organizations that focus on innovation, such as Google, McKinsey and Company, and Procter and Gamble. DataHouse is no different. The company has established itself as the leading enterprise IT consulting firm in Hawaii, providing strategic planning, application development, mobile solutions, analytics and infrastructure, including cloud services. And over its history, DataHouse has earned a reputation for delivering results.


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Hanwook Kim

The core of DataHouse’s success is its people. We go out of our way to hire the best and brightest. With 86 employees, we continue to diversify Hawaii’s economy by creating quality jobs. This means finding brilliant software developers and then surrounding them with top-notch project managers, analysts and business developers. And outside the office, they lead interesting lives – we have singers, sushi chefs, authors, Eagle Scouts. Every day I am inspired by our people’s talents, capabilities and accomplishments.

With the right people, we are able to approach every project with passion and leadership, following through with agile development and flawless execution. While any company can start with great ideas, it’s those that clearly focus on creating value and continuous improvement that succeed over the long haul. At DataHouse, we foster this through an innovative culture of fun, teamwork, flexibility and empowerment.

We focus in four industry verticals: banking, education, government and health care. In education, we’ve been working with the Hawaii Department of Education for more than 10 years, supporting Evaluation of Accountability (NCLB) analytics, building a unique system called eCSSS for special education services, and developing an education intelligence solution to drive data-informed decisions and transformation. In banking, our business spans across online banking, mobile banking and data warehousing. Our latest banking client, ANZ in Australia, has total assets of $545 billion. In government, we focus on solutions that can be shared across state and city agencies. In health care, we support our sister company, TeamPraxis, to implement an analytics product called Clinical Quality Solutions in more than 34 states. TeamPraxis is another amazing story for the state of Hawaii.

Our vision is to accelerate innovation, build intellectual property, export through partnerships and bring revenues back home. We want to create opportunities that will challenge us, allow us to give back to the community and redeem what it means to be “Made in Hawaii.” Come learn more about us at